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Saving Our Boys – Concerned Black Men National

Below is a 30-minute audio podcast of three advocates and scholars working tirelessly for more accountable and responsive systems and opportunities for young African American males.

The big take-away here is that our young boys are not in fact seen and treated as young boys and adolescents - with the right to experience a normal childhood and developmental process, but are seen through a prism of fear and criminality by the larger American society.

Change and success for our young African American boys depends on us (parents and extended family, or those others of us in positions of authority) becoming far more consistent, deliberate and thoughtful in our advocacy and championing of them - and with a sense of urgency.  We have to create opportunities for our young children, and hold others accountable for doing the same.  We have to be our children's biggest advocates!

Here's the 30-minute CBM National Podcast from July 2013...

CBM National Executive Director George Garrow is joined by Dr. Ivory Toldson, editor of The Journal of Negro Education, and Dr. James L. Moore III, director of the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male, to discuss solutions to issues facing our young Black boys and men, what can be done at the highest levels of government, business and society to help them achieve and succeed in America.


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