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A Couple of Quick Listen’s from NPR: Honoring Nelson Mandela

I must admit, I tend to dislike the tone, style and substance of the radio pieces posted at NPR, although I still sometimes listen to and read some of what gets covered.  I thought these were worth sharing, specifically because they help get at more of the fullness of Nelson Mandela's legacy and example, and help tell some of the story that isn't being covered as much.

In Soweto, Remembering Mandela As A Figure Of Resistance, on NPR's Morning Edition   (4 min, 31 sec)

While the world remembers Nelson Mandela as the great reconciler, some ordinary South Africans are remembering him in their own way — as a powerful figure of resistance. And they're looking toward the country's future with both hope and uncertainty.


As We Memorialize Mandela, Remember Those Who Stood With Him, by Scott Simon   (3 min, 7 sec)

...But the man who was prisoner 466/64 on Robben Island was a giant among heroes who offered their lives for freedom as valiantly as he did. In a way, the acclaim the world now heaps so justly on Nelson Mandela commemorates them, too.


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