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Town Hall Meeting: Nelson Mandela & Ted Koppel in Harlem, NY – June 1990

Anyone interested in learning more about Nelson Mandela's principled leadership, sharp intellect and the nature of his relationship to the United States and the larger global community, must watch the 2-part video provided below.  This is not the entire town hall meeting, but it does represent approximately an hour of that very enlightening discussion.

In these clips Mandela takes Koppel, among others, to task, and makes clear that the struggle for justice in South Africa is principle-based and non-negotiable.  Given the fictitious version of Mandela that many media outlets are feeding us, this gives you a direct window into the nature of Mandela's strong and principled leadership.

While Mandela's humility is evident, you also have a very great example of Mandela's fierce warrior spirit on display throughout these series of exchanges, including clarity of analysis and a willingness to challenge those who question the nature - and strategy - of the South African freedom struggle.

I remember when this happened in 1990, having just finished high school in Detroit, and as I prepared to attend Howard University in Washington, DC that coming Fall.

I highly encourage people to find and take the time and watch these.  Powerful on so many levels!




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