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Book Cadillac Music & Detroit Village – Real Music

Book Cadillac Music

For all the real music lovers out there, I hope you'll check out Book Cadillac, a music project just released by Detroiters Khary Kimani Turner and Mark Swami Harper, who together make up Book Cadillac Music. Drawing on their rich roots in the hip-hop, soul, jazz and spoken word tradition, there's a little bit in here for all real music lovers. Both have deep roots in music and the creative arts, and have helped to anchor the creative arts and music scene in Detroit for the better part of the last couple of decades.

For the record... I'm absolutely biased. I like good music. And more importantly, I really appreciate folks who use the creative arts to advance a life-affirming message about our humanity, and push us to become our better selves.

My favorites on this are Detroit Village (listen below), First Drummer & No Time to Waste.

Preview, share, and download. You can also keep up with Book Cadillac Music on Facebook.

Real people. Real music. = Positive Inspiration = Real possibilities. Real futures.

Formed by members of the Black Bottom Collective, Book Cadillac Music explores life in Detroit through pop, soul and hip-hop culture.

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