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Gregory Porter – Two More Great Videos as We End the Year

As we approach the year's end tonight, I'm looking back at some of my favorite artists and music, and wanted to share these couple of videos from Gregory Porter. I love his music, and also the creativity he brings to his videos.

A couple of themes as we reflect, and as we prepare for the coming year...

  • Love and heartache are both real, and are both a part of our growth and development. Remember, however, that life renews itself in every moment. We will hurt, and we will also heal. Our goal is to be mindful as we do, and to walk whatever is our relationship path as gently as we can.
  • Our communities are burning, and calling out for... US! Only we can answer that deeper call of our people and our community. And together, we WILL answer that call!

Gregory Porter - Illusion (Official Video)

Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Official Music Video) 

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