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Dr. John Henrik Clarke, ‘A Great and Mighty Walk’: A Video Documentary

Just below is a great video documentary, 'A Great and Mighty Walk', featuring Professor John Henrik Clarke telling the story of African people throughout history, beginning with ancient African civilizations (pre-Europe by far) and through the 1990's (the time of the documentary).

In this documentary you'll see how much of a masterful storyteller Professor Clarke really is.

I continue to believe that EVERYONE should watch this documentary. Most people will begin to understand and more fully appreciate the broader experiences - and even the future possibilities - for African Americans, and African people more broadly, very differently. I realize many of you have already seen this, which is great. I also know there are some people who will see this and either feel threatened, or otherwise motivated to continue and reinforce the status quo. Indeed, they know, as do many of us, that 'We are indeed a great people!'

Narration is provided by Wesley Snipes, who played a large role in making this project possible.

This has been one of my absolute favorite documentaries for many years.

Approximately 90 minutes, and a real treat to watch.

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