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Black Folk Don’t: Adopt – African American Perceptions and Perspectives on Adoption

Interesting... African American perceptions and perspectives on adoption. Some of this is very familiar.

When it's all said and done, be it adoption, kinship care, relatives caring for relatives, informal adoption, etc... the reality is that African American families have always tended to care for children in our families within the extended family structure. This is a part of our African cultural value system and practice.

Despite our historical and collective community challenges trying to negotiate the adoption licensing process with child welfare agencies, African American families still adopt at higher rates than other racial/ethnic groups. This clip speaks to some of that dynamic.

In this episode we look at adoption and the black community. As usual, it's more complex than you think! Tune in to new episodes every Monday, and share your thoughts with @blackfolkdont on Twitter. A special presentation of, directed by Angela Tucker, and supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting., Published on Dec 29, 2013.

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