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Fresh Peace: Daily Inspiration by Jaiya John


Greetings, and Good Morning. I'd like to share one of the daily inspirations I receive from my dear brother and friend, Dr. Jaiya John.

Fresh Peace is a daily meditation Jaiya offers on various aspects of life and living, on what it means to be, and on mindfulness. These messages are available each morning via email to any and all who'd like to receive them. For those interested, you can sign up here.

The following daily inspirational message was published on Wednesday, January 22, 2014:

Every moment has its sunrise, sun peak, and sunset. Its expression of Sacred Will. When we learn to move in this supernatural harmony and rhythm, we are getting the most out of life. We are preciously squeezing our moments. Fresh juice is produced. When we learn to make deep use of these seeds planted in us, we become a forceful garden. Fruitful. fulfilled.

Our life is not for our sake, but for the world's. The more efficient we are in harvesting what is planted in our moments, the more we have to share. The more plentiful our harvest, the more bountiful the meal of the masses. And in return, the more abundant our inner spring of Grace.

You are here, in this world, because you have been made to give. To open, part, and pour. To share, merge, and wed. To pollinate and flower. To increase the Light in all things. Keep learning your own way of moving inside the sunrise, sun peak, and sunset of your moments. This is how you grow your Peace.

With Sacred Love.

Jaiya John, founder of Soul Water Rising, serves lives globally through speaking, writing, and youth advocacy.
He is the author of several books.

Learn more about Fresh Peace, including Jaiya's first published volume of daily inspirations:

Fresh Peace          Jaiya's Books

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