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An Educational Journey for Justice: Our Children are Not Collateral Damage

In recent years, an increasing number of school districts, particularly those serving predominantly African American children and families, have been closing large numbers of schools. Simultaneously, those same school districts announce their plans to open large numbers of charter schools.

You should be clear, however, that children, parents and other community activists have been fighting valiantly to not only keep these neighborhood schools open, but to provide them with the high quality teachers, administrators and other resources the highest performing schools receive.

The video below features activists and organizers from across the country, marching on Washington, DC and their local city government centers to demand more national and local leadership, accountability and resources in support of true public education.

Watch below, and visit Journey 4 Justice to learn more, and to get involved.

 KOCO and organizations from 22 other cities travel to DC in January 2013 for a hearing at the Department of Education.

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