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Singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo: A Really Great Interview

Here's a really great interview of Angelique Kidjo, who appeared on the Tavis Smiley show on January 31st.  I find some of Tavis' interviews difficult to watch, precisely because he appears to try so hard to be an expert on everyone and their story.  In this interview, though, Tavis kept his commentary and interruptions to a minimum (relatively), which allowed Angelique Kidjo to speak far more fully and freely about her experiences and perspective.

I love her music, and more generally her insight and perspective about life and African women.  Absolutely beautiful spirit.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Here are some of the major themes...

  • Celebration of the beauty and power of African women
  • Life of integrity, and on our own terms
  • Being proud; challenges don't define us; Our response does
  • Colonialism and the division of African people
  • European rape of Africa's natural resources
  • Honoring her gift of music
  • All music is African music; the roots don't lie
  • Critical importance of self-determination & self-definition
  • Our identity is ours to declare; no one defines us but us

The world music artist explains how her expansive career is marked as much by her musical achievement as by her passionate advocacy for her Africa homeland.

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