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Truths You Won’t Believe | S1 Ep3 | The Real Black Male Dropout Rate

This is the third episode in this series, this time setting the record straight about the dropout rate among Black males.

The point of these pieces is very simple. If you really want to improve conditions within our community, you have to know what the current condition really is. Black folks are just affected as others by the onslaught of propaganda in the media, on the radio, at the movies, etc. Thus, reinforcing the 'class' foolishness that makes some people think they've somehow achieved a different level and status of Negrodom. But please don't believe the hype. We're still all in this together.

Having been involved in efforts to make systems and institutions (namely education and child welfare) more accountable and responsible in their work with African American children and families, I can tell you that these are exactly the kinds of stereotypes and misperceptions that stand in the way of greater progress.

It's up to us to shatter these myths, and to instill a sense of pride, inspiration and motivation within our community.

We are NOT the people they have always said we are. We are NOT the people they continue to say we are. We stand on solid ground, and we continue to push forward.

Through all of these media we are all fed the stereotypes about Black women and girls, about Black men and boys, and about our relationship to, or should I say "our place" in, this larger American society.

Don't believe the myths! Start wherever you are, and do whatever you can, as we keep pushing each other forward!

Many thanks to Janks Morton for posting these pieces.

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