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Brothers Hypnotic: Watch now; Through April 27, 2014

Brothers Hypnotic is an excellent documentary video, and I'd argue a must-watch for all music lovers! It's even more meaningful for all who understand and appreciate the importance of transmitting values and wisdom from one generation to the next.

It's a story of one father's passion for music, African culture and all of the family's children. It's also a story of the children's commitment to one another, their shared values, their musical craft and making their mark in the world.

You can watch it online at least through April 27th.

The brotherhood of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is literal. Through an unorthodox upbringing, the eight boys were forged into a band as children by their father, Chicago jazz maverick Phil Cohran. Now as young men, making their way on the streets of New York and in the music business, with stardom on the horizon, they must test their father's ideals against their own brotherly vision.

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