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African Americans in the Criminal Justice System – An Infographic

The infographic below appeared on arrestrecords on March 6, 2014, and was generously shared by Ashleigh Bell.  The infographic highlights not only the disproportionate rates of involvement of African Americans with the U.S. criminal justice system, but also the disparate treatment of African Americans by this system.

Also note the set of facts near the very bottom, acknowledging the decline in incarceration rates for African American men and women since 2000.  While we absolutely must continue to reform this nation's sentencing laws and incarceration policies, we also have to be clear about the trends and the progress we're making.

Every day matters.  Every life matters.  We need all of our men and women making a difference and rebuilding our communities on the outside.

This is our work to do!

racism and criminal justice system

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