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Video: Saving Central

The video just below is a companion project to an article and analysis (by Nikole Hannah-Jones) posted on ProPublica earlier this month, and discussed during Wednesday's Democracy Now show. I mentioned this article and the Democracy Now discussion on Thursday, and posted the article in full yesterday.

This companion video is approximately 16 minutes, and explores more of the challenges, the continuing injustice and the movement to make things right for our children.

In Tuscaloosa today, nearly one in three black students attends a school that looks as if Brown v. Board of Education never happened. Central High is one of those schools. Meet Principal Clarence Sutton Jr. as he fights to save his students from the effects of resegregation.

This short film by Maisie Crow is part of ProPublica's investigation into the resegregation of America's schools. Sixty years after Brown v. Board ruled "separate but equal" had no place in education, many schools have moved back in time, isolating poor black and Latino students in segregated schools.

Saving Central from ProPublica on Vimeo.

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