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Dr. Vincent Harding: March on Washington 50th Anniversary

Yesterday the world learned of the passing of Dr. Vincent Harding, a leading and influential figure during the Civil Rights movement, and a lifelong historian and professor or religion.  He was 82 years old.

The following is a very brief excerpt of a fuller bio, followed by a 10-minute excerpt from a thoughtful and insightful discussion with Dr. Harding that appeared on Religion and Ethics Newsweekly just before last year's 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Dr. Harding's life and work will continue to be remembered.

Dr. Vincent Harding was very involved with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as a friend and colleague. He also served as an elder brother and advisor to many of the members of SNCC (The Student Non-violent Coordination Committee). His social activism has deep spiritual roots in the Mennonite tradition and the Black church. Dr. Harding as been one of the chroniclers of the civil rights movement as a participant, an historian, and social observer. He and his late wife Rosemarie were senior consultants to the "Eyes on the Prize" documentary film project.

Video excerpt from Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, August 23, 2013...

“We need to remember that the anniversary of the March on Washington is not the anniversary of a speech, but the anniversary of a very important point in history to expand democracy, to deepen democracy, and to make democracy more faithful to its own sayings.” Watch more of our interview with Vincent Harding, historian, social activist, and emeritus professor of religion who worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr.

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