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Commemorating the Soweto Uprising, A Documentary – June 16, 1976


soweto uprising


June 16, 1976
Soweto, South Africa

*  Understanding and celebrating the role of students in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa  *

On June 16, 1976, students in Soweto, South Africa began a series of peaceful protests and school walkouts, confronting the oppressive and racist policies of the South African government.  As word spread, about the planned youth protests and the brutal government response, the protests spread across the country.

The brutal police regime fired upon the students, after blocking their passage through the streets. The images of peacefully protesting students being fired upon by the police fueled a growing international outrage at the extreme inhumanity and racism of the minority white South African government controlling the majority African population.

The documentary below (approx. 1 hour) provides an overview of the circumstances and events surrounding the Soweto Uprising, largely from the perspective of those who were there.


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  1. Please advise when this video will be available?

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