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My Son Has Been Suspended Five Times: Racial Disparity In The Schooling / Education / Behavioral Control System

Since their inception, public schools have always been an institution primarily focused on behavioral socialization and control, not to mention social, academic and economic sorting. By definition, then, history, culture and racism are at the center of this entire enterprise.

If we are truly concerned about our children's schooling experiences, we have to be mindful of the values and the objectives (stated and unstated) undergirding the schooling processes where our children are in school. 

Tunette Powell’s sons have been suspended from their pre-school several times for typical toddler behavior. Other children in their class haven't been suspended for similar acts. We'll talk with Tunette about racial disparity in school discipline.

Approximately 24 minutes.
Originally aired on July 29, 2014


  • Gloria Ladson-Billings  (Madison, WI) Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education
  • Russell Skiba  (Bloomington, IN) Professor, Indiana University
  • Tunette Powell  (Omaha, NE) Mother; Sons Suspended Multiple Times From Pre-School
  • Mahaliel H. Bethea II (New York, NY) Founding Principal, Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem
  • JJ Powell (Omaha, NE) Suspended Multiple Times From Pre-School For Behavior

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