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Ferguson, Missouri – A City of Sharp Racial Disparities & Discrimination

From Mother Jones last week...

Here's a by-the-numbers look at who lives in Ferguson, who's in charge, who gets stopped by police, and more.

MJ - Ferguson 1

MJ - Ferguson 2

MJ - Ferguson 3

MJ - Ferguson 4

MJ - Ferguson 5

MJ - Ferguson 6

MJ - Ferguson 7

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  1. In a locality like this – one in which DoJ has taken the extraordinary measure of investigating the police department – we can only hope that folks begin to closely examine all of their systems because it’s naive to think that these deep-seeded biases magically end at the FPD. We would hope that the schools, courts, juvenile justice, child welfare and other systems have somehow escaped the troubling attitudes demonstrated by law enforcement against their own citizens, but again, that would be naive and frankly irresponsible thinking, given what is known at this point. Now is the time for a comprehensive review, not just a surface-level dusting.

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