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Raw Video from North St. Louis, Missouri – Tuesday’s Public Police Execution of Kaijeme Powell

This is extremely hard to watch, but people have to begin to realize what this pattern looks and sounds like. This is what Black folks are so angry about. There are other ways to "protect and serve", and most other communities experience those other non-lethal policing strategies.

These officers were on the scene no more than 13-16 seconds before they started shooting.  And at least 9 shots were fired - likely more.  Over a butter knife at worst.

And from the brief write-up about the incident (also below), it's clear that these were pretty-much junior officers on the force, with few years of service and obviously very little capacity for discernment in these kinds of situations. I think I can appreciate the perspective of officers who find themselves in crazy situations. But I don't buy that this was one of those situations. Not after watching this extended video clip. There have to be non-lethal strategies used to disable and apprehend individuals who are believed to be a threat to their own and other people's' safety.

This madness has to stop. There are more effective ways of policing, especially when responding to individuals who are obviously suffering from some form of mental illness.

But be clear... This is not only about law enforcement policies and practices. The kind of change that has always been needed is the fundamental shift that allows people in this country - especially white people in this country - to see the essential humanity of Black life. That's what has to inform any policy and practice changes - be it related to law enforcement, education, employment, criminal/juvenile justice, as well as the judicial system.

This here, however, is unconscionable.

Also check out this article that revisits the earlier statements by St. Louis police officials, which is at odds with the video footage.

From the Huffington Post:  St. Louis Police Release Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing That Appears At Odds With Their Story

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