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10 Sports-Related Jobs Black Children Should Look Into Instead of Being an Athlete

Greetings good people. I just came across a nice piece that might be relevant for folks that work directly with African American children and youth, even college students for that matter. As you know, there are a range of careers that can keep individuals close to the sports world, and that move us beyond what is way too often a preoccupation with being a professional athlete. I've listed the career options mentioned in the piece just below, although I encourage folks to visit the site directly for more of their description and context. I also encourage you to check out this Promo code website.

I share this, in some ways, as a reminder to all of us that there is so much untapped potential among our young people. We have to expose them to the possibilities, as well as connect them with real people within our community who have really made their mark in these respective fields. Most importantly, we have to teach ourselves and our young people how to use any of these platforms to advance opportunities and well-being for our larger community.

Again, a great resource for middle school and high school guidance counselors, and others who work directly with our young people.

From the Atlanta BlackStar... (Check them out to read more.)

10 sports-related jobs and careers:

  • Audio and Video Equipment Specialist
  • Public Address Announcer
  • Game-Day Coordinator
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Team Doctor
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Office Manager (and other front office careers)
  • Agent / Manager
  • Accountant
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