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Affirming the Value of Black Life – This Remains a Revolutionary Act!

In the midst of all of the craziness and pathology that continues to define the Black experience with racism and white supremacy in the U.S., please know that affirming the value and integrity of Black life remains a revolutionary act.

This country will always fight to undermine any positive, courageous and righteousness narrative about the Black experience in this country. It's exploitative judicial, political and economic structures depend on it. Expect that resistance. If you didn't encounter resistance, that would indeed be noteworthy.

We must remain committed to the fight for a better future for our families and community. When I look at my children, and I think of everything we've collectively gone through that made it possible for them to be here, and I dream of the life I envision for my children's children's grandchildren, I can't help but to refocus my energy and reconsider ways to make a bigger difference.

I'm clear that our community's experience with racism didn't begin with my generation, my parents' generation, nor any of the generations alive today. This is the continuation of a struggle that began long ago.

We are not likely to cure the world of this disease of racism and white supremacy in our lifetimes. Indeed, it may even be the worst self-destructive disease the world has known. But we can leave our future generations with greater wisdom and understanding, and with smarter and more effective tools to fight, than what was left to us. That, as simple and/or as difficult as it may be, is our most important shared responsibility.

We stand on solid ground. The story of Africa and her offspring throughout the world is still being written. We are that story. Let us all continue to build the world we want for our families, and for the generations yet unborn.

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