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Q&A with Angela Rye, Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus

I caught this interview a few weeks ago on C-SPAN, and wanted to be sure and share it. There are some interesting dynamics that play out during the interview, and throughout Angela does a great job covering a range of issues and subjects with directness as well as the style and grace that I can only imagine serves the Congressional Black Caucus well. It's a little more than an hour (watch or listen with the video playing in the background), and you get a real sense of her passion for family, for the key people who have influenced her development, the role of spirituality in her life and her commitment to improving the well-being of - and opportunities for - African American children, families and communities.

A great example for students interested in a career in public policy, law and other fields requiring strong communication skills.  Also great for developing, even senior level, professionals. Be sure and share with others.


C-SPAN Q&A Description:  Angela Rye talked about her role in developing legislative and political strategy for the Congressional Black Caucus, which she said is often referred to as the "conscience of the Congress," and that it advances the causes of people that don't have a voice. Angela Rye has been with the Congressional Black Caucus since January of 2011. Prior to that she was counsel to the House Committee on Homeland Security. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and the Seattle University School of Law.


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