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My Simple Message to/for Young People

My children are my inspiration, a window and mirror of sorts, as they remind me of all of the possibility that exists within and among our people, and the universe.

The mission that drives me more and more each day is very simple, and very clear...

I just want every young African (African American) girl and boy to see and know the genius that I - that so many of us - see in them, in you, every time I - every time we - look in your eyes. You are the ones we have been waiting for. Please know this, do the hard work of developing yourself in the midst of this crazy world we live in, and transform this world so that it works the way you and we all know it should.

Many in the world see your genius and are afraid of it. Don't let their fear turn you away.

Many in the world hear the boldness and the fearlessness in your voice. Don't let them silence you.

Many in the world see your connection to a legacy of greatness. Don't let them separate you from you.

Many in the world see the power and vision in your imagination. Don't let them distract you. Your mind is the design laboratory for the world our Ancestors also envision.

Become what you are destined to become.

Be courageous. Be of good character. Be of long vision. Be centered within an African historical and cultural consciousness. Be the light that shines steady and bright. Be of service to your people and your community.

Be a seer. Be a learner. Be a listener. Be an observer. Be a thinker. Be a worker. This is what it means to be a leader.

Be you. Be we.

Be alive... truly alive.

Be... Be... Be...

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  1. Good spirit here, Brother. Clear and resounding. Careful, you are becoming a poet!

  2. Powerful brew and tonic here, Brother. Clarified and resonant. Careful, you are revealing the poet inside!

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