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George Zimmerman’s ‘Reenactment’

Here's an extended version of the video we're all pretty familiar with now (courtesy of WESH-TV via YouTube). This is George Zimmerman recounting the moments leading up to, during and immediately following his tragic encounter with and killing of Trayvon Martin. While the substance is questionable, the tone of his 'reenactment' is even more problematic for me. This is the very next day, mind you.



I'm with Ta-Nehisi Coates on this one. He sums it up nicely...


I didn't know Trayvon Martin. Maybe that's exactly how it happened. I don't have much problem believing the two really did get into a fight, one in which Martin was prevailing. But the notion that teenager, with no history of violence, would effectively attempt to injure and then kill someone, without any real provocation strikes me as much less likely.


While I have my own biases (always willing to acknowledge), I still try to work through the scenarios that could possibly be consistent with Zimmerman's account.  Just doesn't add up for me.  Never did, actually, but less and less the more I hear and see...


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