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NewsOne Now Charleston Church Massacre Special Report Audio Podcast

Emanuel AME Church mass shooter Dylann Roof confessed to killing 9 people and told investigators he wanted to start a “race war.” Roland Martin and NewsOne Now bring you the latest details in the hate crime investigation and the latest details on the ground in Charleston, SC.

Why Are We Seeing An Increase In Hate In America? & The Rise In Acts Of Domestic Terrorism By “Lone Wolfs”

Lecia Brooks, Outreach Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss why we are seeing an increase in hate crimes against minorities in America.

How Do We Confront Hate In America?

Roland Martin talked with Bishop Vashti McKenzie and Dr. Greg Carr about how we should confront hate in America in the wake of the Emanuel AME Church massacre.

Is America Ready To Have A Discussion About Race?

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel, featuring Communications Specialist Jeff Johnson, Attorney Monique Pressley, Georgetown University Law Professor Paul Butler, and Managing Editor of Lauren Victoria Burke, discuss if America is ready to have a serious conversation about race in the aftermath of the Emanuel AME Church mass shooting.

From Friday, June 19, 2015...
TV One Now - CharlestonChurchMasacre

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