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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? Then You Know How Wendell Pierce Feels. A Case of Structural Racism.

Structural racism and exploitation.

An important 3-minute listen or read about New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, as shared by Wendell Pierce...

As with nearly all New Orleans natives, Wendell Pierce and his family were devastated by the damage and aftermath of 2005's Hurricane Katrina. In this video, Pierce explains how it wasn't long after the water had receded that the proverbial leeches emerged for the feast.

Insurance companies refused to honor insurance policies. Reconstruction of public housing was delayed in order to force the people who depended on it to find some other city to live in. Myriad institutional procedures and machinations were organized so that local, predominantly African-American residents were excluded from the recovery. There are some who argue that Hurricane Katrina was the best thing to ever happen to the New Orleans because it allowed for rebirth. But which New Orleans are those people talking about?

And through all this ugliness and exclusionary tactics, the national media stayed silent and continues to stay silent.

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  1. Great story of how the underclass serves a function for the wealthy. Some similarity to Freedman’s Town in Houston, which was a historically well developed area built by freed slaves.

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