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John A. Rich, M.D., M.P.H. – Effective System Responses to Urban Violence and Trauma

A physician, a specialist in inner-city young men's health issues, and a 2006 MacArthur Fellow, John Rich is Chair of the Department of Health Management and Policy at Drexel University's School of Public Health. In this interview, Rich explains the importance of delivering primary health care services to young urban men, a group that is also at risk for violence. John Rich speaks about the psychological trauma suffered by men who have suffered violence and explains that these survivors need to understand that their "twitchiness," flashbacks, and other reactions are normal reactions. Physicians, says John Rich, need to mobilize more empathy for these at-risk men. He also speaks of how he made the shift from private practice to community health.

Dr. John A. Rich & The Drexel Interview

Parts 1 and 2, each approximately 15 minutes



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