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On the George Zimmerman Verdict…

The days of white supremacy are numbered.

Be angry and stay vigilant, but don't let it turn to despair or depression.

Victory remains on the side of those who persevere.  Our history - the history of African people - in this country and throughout the world is a case in point.

My 12-year old daughter is angry about the verdict, but also not surprised.  After yelling about why it didn't make sense... In her own words, she acknowledged that this is consistent with the kind of treatment we have experienced in this country throughout history.  She named names and gave examples.  She then acknowledged in her own words why we have to keep fighting.

To be upset by this injustice is natural.  But being surprised by this verdict is essentially acknowledging that one slipped for a second and thought somehow we had overcome.  Sure, you might want to believe that because it makes living in a racist society more bearable... but wanting something to be true doesn't make it true.

We have to stay at it.  The struggle takes place in state houses, in the halls of Congress, city councils, schools, in our churches, our recreation centers, on our street corners, at our dinner tables, etc.  There is no one answer.  Read, study, and engage in all of those places you can have influence.  Push everyone you know to do the same.

We can't just go to work, come home and raise our own individual families.  And please don’t try and shield your children from the truth.  They need to know the truth so that they can be prepared for what this society continues to dish out.  Not to do so is setting them up, and our community, for failure.

We all have to engage more.  Our ancestors made it possible for us to be here, and we have to press on for our future generations.

The struggle continues.

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  1. The fight is definitely not over. As the blatancy of racism becomes more and more clear, the persecutors are being exposed and the sheets are off. It is becoming more difficult for anyone “surprised” at the verdict not to understand this as an edict of the judicial system to inform us that Black men don’t matter. This attempt at genocide and oppression will not and cannot survive the will of our people. As for me, I am Sybrina Martin and Trayvon continues to live in Philip, Jeremiah and Adam.

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