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21 Forever – Jasiri X: Pushing Hip-Hop (and those of us who love it) to Grow Up

Here's a video we can all appreciate as we continue to settle into 2014. In this latest video, Jasiri X highlights the tragic reality of too many hip-hop artists continuing to push the same garbage they've been pushing for so many years. Even as they've gotten older, and settled into relationships and families, the message in their music hasn't experienced any equivalent levels of maturity.

Evidenced by this video, however, among many others (some of which I've highlighted previously), we know there are plenty willing to push the envelope, and tell stories of growth, learning, and resistance against racism and other forms of oppression.

In Jasiri X's words...

But if we don’t actively work to change the culture of violence in our communities, and a music industry that celebrates, promotes, and profits off of Black death, then we can guarantee even more murders in 2014.

I made the song “21 Forever” because I was tired of hearing the same played out and destructive topics in almost every rap song that made it to the mainstream. Even worse, many of the artists performing these songs were in their mid 30s or older. These grown men are not just rappers, most are fathers and successful entrepreneurs. How come when don’t hear more songs about being in committed relationships, good parenting, and running a successful legitimate business? Why do we continue to hear the same hood stories of selling drugs and pimping women on repeat?

In 2014, with Hip-Hop turning 40, and many of it’s most successful representatives approaching middle age, will we finally grow up? Or will Hip-Hop be 21 forever?

Indeed, these words apply to those of us who love hip-hop as well.

Newest Video by Jasiri X... Published on Dec 31, 2013

Directed by Ali Baba Rosenthal III and Xavier Ruffin, "21 Forever" is produced by Religion and appears on Jasiri X's new album "Ascension"