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Educate Girls

Took a picture of this sign at a charter school primarily serving African American and Latina girls in Los Angeles last week. We must prioritize the full education and healthy development of our young girls.

Given the increasing rates of incarceration, the increasing exploitation of our young girls through sex trafficking, and the relative inattention to the abuse of our young girls and women at the hands of law enforcement, one might reasonably conclude that the full and healthy development of our young girls is not a priority for our community.

While I, like most of you, remain clear about how important girls and women are within our community, I would also argue that we all need to express and affirm this in increasingly public ways.


A Lovely Day — A Meditation Of Strength and Affirmation From Father To Daughter

From Father to Daughter - Sandias Mountains

good morning sweetheart.

just reaching out briefly.

wishing you a lovely day.

not sure what the weather is like there today, but if you notice a leaf blowing gently in the wind, know that it's me whispering a brief hello; encouraging you to keep growing, keep discovering, and keep learning more about yourself and your powerful place in this world.

i've always admired your strong conviction and determination, the clarity with which you see some things as just or not so just, in a world of infinite goodness squandered away with such deep injustice.

your insecurity is natural at this stage, you will grow more confident.

today, like every day, is your day to shine your light.

your courageous, intelligent, insightful and beautiful light.

you don't need permission, and you don't need to wait your turn.

your turn is always now.

the right place is wherever you find yourself, today and every day.

in African history and culture - as expressed wherever Africa finds her people, your people, you will find your unique source of energy.

our world needs you, not someone like you, our world needs you.

master your craft, for the limits of brilliance and excellence will always be in front of you.

reach for it, and you shall always be in its company.

master good speech, for all of your ideas spoken have power, and are impactful.

use your intuition and your energy - use your power - for good.

you will live a life that matters for others.

your children's children's children will then be healthy and well, in a society that is healthy and well.

the world will be thankful.

and the ancestors will be pleased.

the African world needs you now, daughter, and needs you to be you.