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“I Don’t Believe Sandy Committed Suicide”: #BlackLivesMatter Co-Founders Speak Out on Sandra Bland

There is no turning this movement back. The current generation of young people are disgusted with the often-blatant demonstration of racism and white supremacy, especially (although certainly not exclusively) as it's manifested in law enforcement interactions with Black women and men throughout the country.

Young people today are creative, expressive and increasingly clear about the more sophisticated ways in which racism masks itself in seemingly race-neutral institutional policies and practices.

The emperor really doesn't wear any clothes, and young people aren't willing to go along with the current racial arrangement.

History is unfolding every day, and we must choose to be a part of the continuing struggle for justice.

The discussion below is from Democracy Now , on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Part 1 -- approx. 22 mins.

As a Movement for Black Lives Convening is set to take place this weekend in Cleveland, we discuss the case of Sandra Bland and many others who have died in the custody of law enforcement with the three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. Patrisse Cullors is the director of Truth and Reinvestment at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California, and the founder of Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles fighting for the dignity and power of incarcerated people and their families. Alicia Garza is special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance. And Opal Tometi is executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Part 2 -- approx. 23 mins.

We continue our conversation with the three women who co-founded Black Lives Matter. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi talk about immigration, LGBTrights and their own personal experiences with hyper-policing. "We think that our actions, our behaviors, our everyday trying-to-get-by, shouldn’t be criminalized," Tometi says. "I’m really looking for an agenda that looks at safety for our communities beyond policing."


Poet Aja Monet Confronts Police Brutality Against Black Women With #SayHerName

#SayHerName - by Aja Monet


Getting Home Safely in an American Apartheid State – 10 Rules of Black Survival with Law Enforcement

In any just society, the following video, and certainly the 10 thoughtful rules developed by Brother David Miller, would suggest an absolute travesty and the reality of second (or worse) class citizenship.

No people should have to go through any changes in order to survive an encounter with the police, or some rogue vigilante citizen. No group of people in a society should have to abide by an additional set of rules - that other groups of citizens don't also have to follow - in order to go home from an encounter with law enforcement. And there is plenty of video footage out there of white people who have pointed - even fired - their guns at law enforcement, sometimes even killing law enforcement officers, and being taken into custody 'without incident.' Too many Black folks, minding their own business no less, don't quite get the benefit of the doubt.

The reality is that Black people do live a sort of second class citizenship in terms of our relationship with law enforcement. Always have since before the 'founding' days of this nation. So the rules Brother Miller developed are sensible and even helpful, even if they remind us of a horrible way of living for Black people in this country.

And thus, why the protests on the streets of this country are not likely to die down any time soon.


After Michael Brown's death, an important infographic, "10 Rules Of Survival If Stopped By The Police” was developed by David Miller, founder of "The Dare To Be King Project." In partnership with CTS, WFYI, and Trinity United Church of Christ (on the south side of Chicago), SALT has taken Miller's rules and created a short film to bring this critical information to an even wider audience and help save even more lives.

Get Home Safely: 10 Rules of Survival from SALT Project on Vimeo.