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First Ever: 2014 State of the Youth Address

Here's an example worth sharing of youth and young adults analyzing the current state of affairs, identifying priorities and organizing. Working shoulder to shoulder, learning from and being advised by activists of previous generations, and inspired by a vision for a better future...

Get involved!  Teach our children the truth!  Make this society healthy for our generations yet unborn!

2014 State of the Youth Address
posted on Jan 28, 2014

On January 28th, Phil Agnew of the Dream Defenders delivers the first ever State of the Youth Address, outlining the social justice priorities of millions of young voters.
"For the past 4 years, #BarackTalk has been an opportunity for young people to meet online and hold real conversations about our biggest issues, from climate change to gun control," says Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters. "This year, we wanted to make it clear that the Rising American Electorate is diverse, powerful, and passionate about impacting the world we live in today."
Phillip Agnew, Executive Director of Dream Defenders, says, "The emerging face of our country has begun to fight for the world we will inherit. Our generation knows that true change is more than words and slogans. We are building towards it at every level and, in 2014, we will show our power at the polls."


Moving forward against ‘Stand Your Ground’

Phillip Agnew from Dream Defenders joins to discuss the fight against “Stand Your Ground” in Florida and what needs to be done in 2014 as the struggle continues.

As described in the brief clip...

Stand Your Ground is just one branch in a really poisonous tree that really shows how Florida cares about its young people.  And at the root of that tree is prejudice, profiling, and prisons for profit.

Other issues on the 2014 organizing and advocacy agenda include undoing the School to Prison Pipeline, and transforming Florida's completely privatized and abusive juvenile justice system.


Why Today’s Black Youth March on Washington

Why Today’s Black Youth March on Washington (via Moyers & Company)

Black youth activists across the country have had a busy summer — protesting the George Zimmerman verdict, helping ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to vote, and fighting against policies like stop and frisk and Stand Your Ground. As the…