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Mother’s Love – A Brief Mothers Day Musical Tribute

Just a small musical tribute to all of the mother's in the world. You are the beginning, and the source of all life...


Gregory Porter & Laura Mvula – Water Under Bridges

Here's a video I just came across this evening. I've long loved Gregory Porter's music, but I have to admit I've never heard of this sister Laura Mvula he's performing with on here.

Her voice is so smooth and yet so powerful - and indeed as beautiful as is she. It's a great performance for sure, but I really can't wait to check out more of her music.

Hope you enjoy...


Gregory Porter: Newport Jazz 2014

Gregory Porter - Newport Jazz 2014

Adam Kissick for NPR

 Gregory Porter at the 2014 Newport Jazz Festival

Wish I was there... A great performance, by a superb artist!

CLICK to enjoy...


Gregory Porter – Two More Great Videos as We End the Year

As we approach the year's end tonight, I'm looking back at some of my favorite artists and music, and wanted to share these couple of videos from Gregory Porter. I love his music, and also the creativity he brings to his videos.

A couple of themes as we reflect, and as we prepare for the coming year...

  • Love and heartache are both real, and are both a part of our growth and development. Remember, however, that life renews itself in every moment. We will hurt, and we will also heal. Our goal is to be mindful as we do, and to walk whatever is our relationship path as gently as we can.
  • Our communities are burning, and calling out for... US! Only we can answer that deeper call of our people and our community. And together, we WILL answer that call!

Gregory Porter - Illusion (Official Video)

Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Official Music Video) 


Love’s Power Lives On: Gregory Porter’s “Liquid Spirit”

I was initially introduced to Gregory Porter back in early 2012, shortly after he released Be Good.  As much as I loved his second album, I loved the first album, Water, just as much.  When I learned of his newest project a couple of weeks ago (Liquid Spirit), I wondered how it would be.  Let me just say it's my favorite album at the moment, and I've been listening nonstop.  And more than a faith in romance it seems to be trying to reignite, the spirit and soul of the album really pulls me right back to my years growing up in Detroit, with the love and comfort of family all around.  The power of love is very strong, and it definitely lives on.

If you haven't listened to this project yet, you've got to do so soon.  Please share with me what you think when you do.  Here are my favorite tracks right now (although they can change at any moment)...

  • No Love Dying
  • Liquid Spirit (title track)
  • Water Under Bridges
  • Musical Genocide
  • Brown Grass
  • Wind Song
  • The "In" Crowd
  • Movin'
  • When Love Was King
  • Time Is Ticking

Below are a few video clips of Gregory Porter performing, as well as sharing more insight about his general approach to music, and particularly his newest project, Liquid Spirit.

The first is a clip of Gregory Porter from last Thursday, appearing on the Tavis Smiley Show.  While Tavis is in typical form, consistently using himself as a reference point throughout the interview, we still get a great glimpse into Porter's influences, as well as the fundamental ideas and perspectives about life he pours into his music.

The next clip features Gregory Porter performing with The Robert Glasper Project at North Sea Jazz 2013.  I absolutely love Robert Glasper's work, and this pairing is absolutely wonderful.  Two of the great musical exemplars around today, and they flow so smoothly and effortlessly together.  I love this, and would love to see them together live.

The final clip is the music video for the title track of Porter's newest project, Liquid Spirit.

I hope you enjoy...