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Kweisi Mfume on Baltimore Uprising: A 40+ Year Indictment on Failed Leadership, Community Oppression & Political Exploitation

As many others have said, the conditions shaping the uprising in Baltimore are not new. They have developed and evolved since the April 1968 uprisings following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the short clip below, former U.S. Congressman and NAACP leader Kweisi Mfume talks about the consistency of the conditions during that period, and the conditions now. The tensions won't disappear anytime soon, and they are likely to stay extremely high with the new update from the Baltimore mayor that no public presentation of the early findings of the investigation into Freddie Gray's killing will be forthcoming.

A brutal and oppressive political and legal structure doesn't go away easily. And the growing organization and clarity among young people, and a reawakening of the consciousness and sense of responsibility among members of the older generations within the African American community, not to mention the increasing awareness and related experiences among other groups, suggests that the pressure and organizing for fundamental structural change will continue.

As it should and must.