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S.C. Judge Says 1944 Execution Of 14-Year-Old Boy Was Wrong – Justice 70 Years Delayed

george stinney jr south carolina

George Stinney, Jr., a 14-year old boy in South Carolina, was convicted and executed in 1944 of killing two young white girls. The 14-year old boy didn't have a chance in the old south.

Stinney's trial lasted two hours.

He was convicted by a jury within 10 minutes.

Eighty-one days passed between his day of arrest in March 1944 and being convicted and executed on June 16, 1944. During that time his father was fired from his job, and the family forced to leave town under threat of lynching. He was left without the presence of active support throughout the process. But his family never gave up seeking justice in his case.

Stinney was exonerated this week on December 17, 2014, approximately 70 years after his unjust conviction and execution.

Constitutionally protected due process was not given... so says the court system some 70 years later. Practically everyone involved knew this was the reality at the time.

You can read more... via NPR coverage or via Washington Post coverage.


Five ugly and uncanny parallels between lynchings and police killings in America (Shaun King)

Many of us have long compared the killings - executions in fact - of African American women, men and children at the hands of law enforcement officials and everyday citizens to the realities of lynching in generations past.

A piece at Daily Kos last week, by Shaun King, highlights a basic set of parallel considerations. I encourage folks to check out the full piece.

The following are the major points he unpacks briefly in the article...

1. The universal agreement is that the number of lynchings and police murders have both been seriously underreported.

2. The excuses given to justify lynchings and police killings are tragically bad.

3. The lynchings and police killings of African Americans are outrageously brutal and excessive.

4. Few instances in history exist where people are held truly liable for lynchings or police killings.

5. The character of the men and women who were lynched by mobs or killed by police is assassinated as a sick form of justification for the killing.

shaun king piece on lynchings and police executions

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