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You Are Beautiful Because You Exist

While the world we live in may be complex, there is one truth I know... that of your eternal beauty. That truth is simple and unchanging. You are beautiful, because you exist. You were beautiful during all of our yesterdays, you are beautiful today, and you will remain beautiful for as long as the world remembers that you exist. We do still see you. And we still believe.

Goapele - Strong As Glass

Mali Music - Beautiful

Musiq Soulchild - Yes

Alicia Keys - Superwoman

Randy Crawford & Joe Sample - Almaz


Mali Music: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Good music from Mali Music -- A short performance at NPR Music...

June 23, 2014  --  On a particularly muggy day this past week, Mali Music arrived at NPR's D.C. headquarters armed with only his enthusiasm (and a teensy entourage). Though the humid haze and some midday I-need-a-coffee-stat office funk hung all around him, he soldiered his way through.

Throughout his new album, Mali Is..., the singer-songwriter and musician showcases his unabashed positivity and the sort of uplifting spirit that can faithfully be found ringing through choirs down South; as a boy, Mali Music was raised in the church in Savannah, Ga. But when compared to his previous albums — The Coming and The 2econd Coming — the new record avoids the direct, at times repentant, language of traditional gospel music. He says he's using his new perspective to serve a higher purpose, to make a difference. That message travels a bit further when it aligns with the sounds and words of the mainstream; these tools are necessary for adjusting to the secular world.

In this session, you'll see Mali Music hop from in front of a microphone, backed by booming production streaming from his DJ's laptop, to an intimate cuddle with an acoustic guitar, and finish in a relaxed position behind a keyboard for a touching performance of the album's lead single, "Beautiful." With every song — and between the tracks, with motivational messages strung throughout — he demonstrates his readiness and capability to take on the industry, as he charges forward with an electrifying message of hope.


Mali Music – Beautiful

Beautiful music. Beautiful video.

Affirming an absolutely beautiful people.