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Some Reflections and a Song for the Evening: Marc Dorsey – People in Search of a Life (1995)

Feeling pretty tired after this week, and actually pretty disturbed by the increasing level of overt racism, violence and intimidation we see all around us. This includes a deep pain and sadness associated with the daily insanity that has evolved from our collective experience adjusting to and fighting racism and white supremacy in this country, as well as the state sanctioned violence directed at our people at alarming rates. While there is an intellectual component to understanding and strategizing against racism, this is no academic exercise. This madness is very personal, and can be seen and felt on streets and in homes throughout each of our cities and neighborhoods.

Our people are hurting. The stuff we're struggling with and fighting against is no joke. We have to take better care of ourselves and each other, good people. There's no magic day in the future when we can make time for doing things differently. Now is our time to bring some sanity back to this world. And within our history, we have examples of what that can and should look like. Don't give into the craziness that has been born of and normalized as a result of white racism and oppression. Fight back. We can and must create something better. And we have to put our people, and our struggles, and our aspirations and dreams, at the center from today forward.

Below is my song for the evening, as I think about the limits of resilience, and the increasing urgency for justice, voiced most effectively today by our younger generations.

There's no reprieve from the struggle, though. And the struggle will continue.

And we will win.

Marc Dorsey's People in Search of a Life (1995):

There is a place that is so hard to find
Behind the walls we build inside our minds
Some break the walls, some break the rules, some even get things changed
And when they do, that leads to truth
Their questions still remain
But all that it's sayin'

Somewhere in life there's a joy to be
Between the hope and reality
There in a mirror and then the street
That's where you'll find
People in search of a life

And what of love, is that a point of view?
And when you're alone, it can seem so confused
That's when a friend can pull you in, bring you a helping hand
But what happens when your only friend sells you out in the end
How do you face it?

Chorus x 1

Beyond the sheets of skin, beyond the rules of hate
Within the project walls
There is a cry that will not die
A cry for life

Chorus x 2

In search of a life
Oh, tell me about people
In search of a life
Oh people, people
Looking for a life
Searching, looking in a bottle
Lookin' in a needle
Lookin' in the street
Searchin' everywhere