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Five ugly and uncanny parallels between lynchings and police killings in America (Shaun King)

Many of us have long compared the killings - executions in fact - of African American women, men and children at the hands of law enforcement officials and everyday citizens to the realities of lynching in generations past.

A piece at Daily Kos last week, by Shaun King, highlights a basic set of parallel considerations. I encourage folks to check out the full piece.

The following are the major points he unpacks briefly in the article...

1. The universal agreement is that the number of lynchings and police murders have both been seriously underreported.

2. The excuses given to justify lynchings and police killings are tragically bad.

3. The lynchings and police killings of African Americans are outrageously brutal and excessive.

4. Few instances in history exist where people are held truly liable for lynchings or police killings.

5. The character of the men and women who were lynched by mobs or killed by police is assassinated as a sick form of justification for the killing.

shaun king piece on lynchings and police executions

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Twitter’s Role In The Theodore Wafer Guilty Verdict

Renisha McBride's killer, Theodore Wafer, was found guilty of second-degree murder after shooting the teen on his Detroit-area porch in what he had claimed was self-defense. Was cyber activism partly responsible for getting Renisha justice?

Originally aired on August 8, 2014


  • Dr. Brittney Cooper  (New Brunswick, NJ) Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University
  • Jamilah Lemieux  (New York, NY) Senior Editor,
  • Treva Lindsey Ph.D.  (Columbus, OH) Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Ohio State University


What Trayvon Means For Renisha

This discussion took place last month, a couple of weeks before the recent verdict in the Theodore Wafer trial, the Michigan man found guilty of murdering Renisha McBride.  Still an interesting listen...

Although the killings of Renisha McBride and Trayvon Martin draw many comparisons, each case raises different legal questions. (HuffPost Live) takes a look at the comparisons and their racial implications, as well as what to expect from the pending verdict.

Originally aired on July 23, 2014


  • Benjamin Crump  (Tallahassee, FL) Lawyer for Trayvon Martin's Parents
  • Dr. Brittney Cooper  (New Brunswick, NJ) Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers Universit
  • David A. Harris  (Pittsburgh, PA) Law Professor, University of Pittsburgh


Her Life Matters: Michigan Man Guilty In Shooting Death Of Renisha McBride

The white Detroit-area homeowner who said he felt threatened when he shot and killed an unarmed black female teenager on his front porch was found guilty of second-degree murder.

Monica Bride, speaking about her daughter, Renisha McBride:

She was not violent. She was a regular teenager, and she was well-raised and brought up with loving family. And her life mattered.


Strange Fruit (Class of 2013) – Jasiri X

Renisha McBride... Jonathan Ferrel... Kendrick Johnson...  As we push further into this annual holiday season, let's not forget about our brothers and sisters whose lives have been taken all too soon.  And please don't think for a moment that the fate of any one of us, or someone else in our family, is immune from this racial pathology.

The Jasiri X video below is shared as a reminder as we enter this season of reflection, celebration and planning for a new year.

We all have to do a lot more to prevent the next Renisha, the next Jonathan, the next Kendrick, tragedy from happening.  New names get added to the list each year.  We owe it to our ancestors, and our unborn children, to stop passing this pathology on to yet another generation.

Living through another series of "Black firsts" means relatively little if we cannot protect our children and other family members from the sickness of racism - in any of its forms.  We've had many Black firsts throughout our history in this country, and indeed throughout the history of this world.  Let's demand more of ourselves, and others, for the sake of our children and those unborn.

Please reflect on this as you push through this annual season of family and good cheer.

Many thanks to Jasiri X for his consistent advocacy, as reflected this time on Strange Fruit (Class of 2013)...

Published by Jasiri X on Nov 18, 2013

Dedicated to the memories of Renisha McBride, Jonathan Ferrell and Kendrick Johnson, Strange Fruit (Class of 2013) was produced by Religion and directed by Haute Muslim




Demand Justice for Renisha McBride: White Homeowner Kills 19-Year Old Detroit Woman Seeking Help

Renisha McBride could have been your sister, your daughter, your mother, your aunt, your niece, even your grandmother. She didn't deserve this, and her family and friends should never have had to experience the lifetime of pain that now follows!

Renisha's senseless killing deserves every bit as much attention and justice as any other.

Spread this message, and Demand Justice for Renisha McBride!

Many thanks to Dream Hampton for creating this short video... long-time Detroiter, writer, filmmaker, activist and organizer.