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Five ugly and uncanny parallels between lynchings and police killings in America (Shaun King)

Many of us have long compared the killings - executions in fact - of African American women, men and children at the hands of law enforcement officials and everyday citizens to the realities of lynching in generations past.

A piece at Daily Kos last week, by Shaun King, highlights a basic set of parallel considerations. I encourage folks to check out the full piece.

The following are the major points he unpacks briefly in the article...

1. The universal agreement is that the number of lynchings and police murders have both been seriously underreported.

2. The excuses given to justify lynchings and police killings are tragically bad.

3. The lynchings and police killings of African Americans are outrageously brutal and excessive.

4. Few instances in history exist where people are held truly liable for lynchings or police killings.

5. The character of the men and women who were lynched by mobs or killed by police is assassinated as a sick form of justification for the killing.

shaun king piece on lynchings and police executions

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The complete guide to every public eyewitness interview in the shooting death of Mike Brown

A post today by Shaun King at Daily Kos provides a detailed accounting - with corresponding links - of the interviews and eyewitness descriptions of the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. As the nation prepares for what is expected to be a grand jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson, it would do all of us well to revisit the similar descriptions of the setting and circumstances of the shooting provided by these witnesses.

Mike Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson in broad daylight on a hot Saturday afternoon in Ferguson, Missouri. Consequently, eyewitnesses were standing at virtually every angle to observe exactly what happened that day. Seven have come forward publicly. Many gave interviews in the immediate aftermath of the shooting on Canfield Drive. Below is an annotated list of every public interview and video given by each eyewitness.

The chronicling of interviews and related documents are provided for the following eye witnesses...

  • Dorian Johnson
  • Tiffany Mitchell
  • Piaget Crenshaw
  • Michael Brady
  • Emanuel Freeman (@TheePharaoh on Twitter)
  • Two Construction Workers