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Oronde’s Book: Facing The Rising Sun

 Facing the Rising Sun: Perspectives on African American Family and Child Well-Being

Hardcover ISBN:  978-0-9824840-1-2
Kindle Edition ISBN:  978-0-9824840-2-9

By Oronde A. Miller

Facing the Rising Sun offers a refreshing contribution to discussions about the well-being of African American families and children. This collection of essays is a must read for anyone concerned about African American families, and the improvement of this nation’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Facing the Rising Sun is neither an exclusively academic analysis nor a how-to book about child welfare or juvenile justice.  It's a passionate series of essays about the strength and integrity of African American families and the challenging intersection with systems that don't fully understand the African American experience and therefore aren't optimally prepared to provide the most appropriate types of support.

Facing the Rising Sun begins with an impassioned call to personal and professional activism. In the essays that follow Oronde highlights the importance of nurturing families and communities, highlighting the deeper significance and beauty inherent in opportunities to develop families for children and youth in need. He goes on to describe problematic features of this nation's systems for supporting children, youth and families, while offering a vision for what a set of systems could look like when dedicated to supporting and healing children, families and communities

Evident throughout these essays is Oronde Miller's clear love and belief in the transformative potential of African American families and communities. This collection of essays will both challenge and inspire readers to reflect more thoughtfully and critically about the transformative possibilities for this nation's human service systems, as well as our individual and collective roles in the work of healing African American families.

Most importantly, Facing the Rising Sun takes the huge step of reinserting the “humanity” back into the work of human services in general, and the work of child welfare specifically. Human service and child welfare professionals, judges and legal professionals, social work / social science professors and students, as well as any individual who thinks about the importance of a family will thoroughly enjoy reading these essays, and be moved by the perspectives shared within.

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