Reclaiming Our Way promoting the well-being of African American children & families

Book Table of Contents

Facing the Rising Sun:
Perspectives on African American Family and Child Well-Being

Hardcover ISBN:  978-0-9824840-1-2
Kindle Edition ISBN:  978-0-9824840-2-9

By Oronde A. Miller


Preface 1

An Adinkra Values Framework 7

Introduction 11

1 - Renewing the Call for Activist Professionals 21

2 - Permanency Matters! Affirming Every Child’s

Existence in this World 27

3 - Reflecting on the King Holiday: Will We Be Caught Sleeping Through a Great Revolution? 33

4 - Affirming Every Child's Existence: Child Welfare Beyond Child Protection and Intervention 39

5 - Kinship Care Down In The Delta: Celebrating a Tradition of Family Taking Care of Family 45

6 - A Celebration of African American Mothers 51

7 - A Celebration of African American Fathers 57

8 - Redefining the Mission of Child Welfare Systems 63

9 - Jena 6: An Overview and Critical Analysis 69

10 - Stephen Biko and the South African Black Consciousness Movement: Implications for African American Family Well-Being 83

11 - One Person’s Testimony: Rediscovering Your Voice During Life’s Most Difficult Days 99

12 - Reflections on Another Child Fatality: We Must

Do Better By Our Children 111

13 - Toward a Healing Vision for Child Welfare Practice 121

14 - Why I Write What I Like... and Why You Should Too! 143

Data Profile: State of African American Children in

America's Child Welfare System 169

About the Institute for Family and Child Well-Being 173

APPENDIX: Organizations and Resources 189

A Note About the Author 193


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