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The Racial Impact of School Closures

Below is an infographic that sheds a little more light on the racial group impacts of school closures in our major cities. Overwhelmingly Black and Latino. It was developed by the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign, one of several national organizations pushing for more equitable school opportunities (educational justice) for our children, families and communities.

History does repeat, and the fight for high quality public schools for our children is far from over. We can all do more!


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What is the alternative to closing schools? Evidence-based policies that provide students, schools and communities with the opportunities and resources they need to succeed, including:

  • Wraparound academic, health and social services to help struggling students get back on track
  • Recruiting, training and retaining high-quality teachers in every classroom
  • Equitable school funding systems so that those who face the toughest hurdles receive the greatest resources
  • Universal high-quality pre-K so that all students start school ready to learn
  • Expanded learning time, including after-school and summer programming
  • Turning schools into community hubs that provide expanded services to both students and community members
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